Meet Your Injector

Rachal Garrett RN, BSN, created Ageless Aesthetics. She is a skilled cosmetic nurse injector with an ongoing goal to produce natural but transformative results. Rachal is proactive, assertive, detail-oriented, and has positive, outgoing energy. Rachal attends webinars, training, conferences, and seminars, and is continually trying to learn, grow, and improve her aesthetic skills, showing a true passion and commitment to her patients.
Rachal received her Baccalaureate Degree from Lewis-Clark State College and has worked in critical care, surgical pre/post OP, and circulating OR RN. After working in surgery for three years, Rachal began to plan her vision for a more personalized, specialized facial aesthetic approach. She had a vision for an innovative, collaborative, and inclusive space where facial aesthetics is prioritized, patients feel respected, and where she could seamlessly blend regenerative medicine with facial rejuvenation. Strategically making these visions come to life, Ageless Aesthetics was born.
“I believe that as women, we are at our best when we feel our best.” ~ Rachal Garrett